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Whiteboard Animation Videos

Cost To Produce Video $150

We can produce a one minute video similar to this one for $150. All you have to do is provide us with a text script and description and we do the rest. If we develop storyboard it is an addional $100. Note: Drawable images are limited to what we have available in our archives. All custom artwork is extra. 

      Advantages of Whiteboard Animation

  • It can be feature on your website, Facebook, Youtube or any other social media platform you choose.
  • Videos help to bring people to your website and improves your Google ranking.
  • It can quickly explain your business, especially if it is a unique business. 
  • Whitboard video will focuses your visitors attention on what you want them to know and it enhances trust and credibility by helping your visitors to relax with humour.
  • It can increase your likeability factor by providing a comfortable and easy to watch animation experience.
  • It can draw attention to solutions your organization can provide by illustrating them.
  • You can appeal to a specific demographic so they can identify with you.